Hope - Dreams - Purpose

"I looked for my soul & God, but found my

self serving interests. 

I looked from my fellow in need & found all 3."


U like this???

Can you give us 2 seconds & tell us??


1. God: Only through your brothers and sisters (fellow humans) in need (altruism) can you connect to your soul and God (a.k.a. spirituality, nature, etc.). All other claimed connections are misleading.  


2. Idolatry: is religious (aka spiritual, ethical) submission to Elitists. Primarily the people behind the idols. The puppeteers.

So to a certian degree, major organized religions (2017 CE) are misleading and practicing idolatry. Because the primary concern is serving the organization or other self serving purposes, not God or brothers & sisters in need.


3. Morality: Secular morality (upon super majority) is the baseline for religious morality. Otherwise it’s not religion but idolatry or at best a placebo.



4. Worship: Religious Organizations primary concern must be Altruism Programs. (Priority wise and how much time it's practiced, compared to other spiritual rituals. And by definition, aggressively eradicate all callousness to the 3 Mortal sins.) Otherwise it’s not religion but idolatry.



       a. Definition of Altruism: Inconsideration you don’t want for yourself

       don’t do to others. The only moral authority for religious organizations. All

       other claimed authority is idolatry.

          Especially where the Altruism (or spirituality, etc.) is baited and switched to dogma, (miracles or slogans

          etc.) as the primary concern.)



       b. The 3 Mortal Sins[1]:    (The first sin mass produces the next two sins.)


                1. Elitism (idolatry): Other than personal choice, where anyone

                (especially spiritual clergy) has more personal authority or holier

                spirit than anyone else. Or where most or some are not considered



                2. Sexual Exploitation: Including anyone callous about it.


                3. Coercion: Especially religious (by definition: idolatry) coercion. Be

                it murder, physical, psychological, financial or in any other way.



5. Therefore either you accept the validity of all religions or none. Other than personal choice, partial acceptance is not religion but idolatry or at best a placebo.



                                                                    …..The Holy Spirit              

1.^ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-sacrifice_in_Jewish_law#Three_exceptional_sins

Theses of Inclusivity

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