Hope - Dreams - Purpose

"I looked for my soul & God, but found my

self serving interests. 

I looked from my fellow in need & found all 3."


U like this???

Can you give us 2 seconds & tell us??


About Us

Hi, my name is Iz (aka Y2k Bug). I’m Jewish, 17. I live in NY, USA. I’m still a minor according to NY law. But according to Jewish law I’m already an adult with a few years experience!


Life mostly sucks but I’m hoping it will get better. Lately it got a little better, so I posted this fast before the dark clouds return.


Sometimes I get depressed because my mom left me, ignores me, and she (& my 4 grandparents) attacks me with corrupt law enforcement and judges.                                     



I have a few great friends and soooo many people who help with improving the Theses. Hopefully you can help too. And the dream is it will, in a revolutionary way, stop the corruption and persecutions against sooo many people. Especially in the name of religion 1.0 ;)



Can you contact me today ASAP with your input on all this? In anyway you can.


Thanks sooo much,


Mobile: 347.989.4558    Please only text… I have unlimited!

Whatsapp: +1347.989.4558

Twitter: @ThesesY2k

email: y2k@FaceEachOther.org


1.^ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs

No, I do not miss school, or ever got involved with crime.

I never did drugs or even smoked a cigarette.

Religion & Ethics 1.0 can give you Hope.
Ethics (& Religion?) 2.0 can give you your Dreams.

Religion & Ethics 3.0 will give you Hope, Dreams & Purpose.

The     only     way     to     peace.

Maslow's Hierarchy[1]


Survival & Safety




Love & Esteem




Self Actualization


Human Driver



Domain of


Religion & Ethics 1.0

Ethics (& Religion?) 2.0

Religion & Ethics 3.0


We need more of your input on 2.0.

Or religion 2.0, see above...


:) >


The key is not to end up like the corrupt people below. Running the "prestige" hamster wheel, that rots away at the soul.

Mazel Tov! I'm already 18!!!