Hope - Dreams - Purpose

"I looked for my soul & God, but found my

self serving interests. 

I looked from my fellow in need & found all 3."


U like this???

Can you give us 2 seconds & tell us??


Altruism Programs

1. Welcome ALL! (Hey, isn't that the word for God in Islam?! Yes ALL (aka inclusivity) is great!!!) We have a good dilemma, where to start. Because we now have an audience in almost every country on earth. 


2. How about we divide and list Altruism Programs in 3 ways:


   a. Geographically: 1. Global, 2. Regional, 3. Local.


   b. Focus: (Yes the 3 mortal sins... It doesn't mean FEO won't list GR Programs of other

   issues. But FEO will focus 80% on these??)


       1. Coersion: defined as all uncomfortable situations repeatedly directed at a

       person or people (other than reasonable dicipline or enforcement of: a. parent or guardian to

       their minor child, b. employer to a paid employee, c. law enforcement -majority elected- and

       d. reasonable agreements and commitments).


       2. Sexual exploitation: defined as sexually hitting on a minor (under legal age)

       or on anyone if it's in an unwelcome manner.


       3. Elitism (Seems we need more feedback to define this well?)


   c. Severity: 1. Survival (defined as a dangerous and imminent situation of life, limb or rape

   -including statutory), 2. Safety (same as survival but not imminent), 3. Communal (love) (all

   attacks or threats on basic social or economic needs). 4. Esteem (all attacks or threats on

   advanced social or economic needs). 5. Purpose (it seems people at level 5 can protect

   themselves... but it's still better to include it in "Religious Family" to give levels 1-4 a powerful






















4. You should especially fill out the form above, if you feel in any way manipulated or not an autonomous person, due to another person(s) influence over you or manipulations behind your back.


5. (Thanks for staying tuned...)


Wow!!! Can't believe things are moving sooo fast the last few weeks and ready for this page!!!

Step 1 of 3: Propagate

Altruistic Programs

As Primary Religious Expression

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