Hope - Dreams - Purpose

"I looked for my soul & God, but found my

self serving interests. 

I looked from my fellow in need & found all 3."


U like this???

Can you give us 2 seconds & tell us??



1. For those not educated in theology, yes, the Theses is a Master Reset.


2. Yes, none layman theology is Elitism (idolatry). Naturely all this always needs OpenSource improvements. Otherwise this itself will become elitist (idolatry)...


3. This is not new Theology. It’s the basis of all Monotheistic religions going back to Hillel[1], 50 years before Jesus. And basically all religions[2].


4. The Theses seems so simple and obvious. So it's a huge mystery why nobody has published such a Theses in 2,000 years.

5. The impact happens upon focusing a little time on Altruism.


6. Altruism programs as the primary religious (aka spiritual, moral, ethical etc.) expression. Instead of elitism (idolatry) or it's misleading prayers.

7. Creating a real sense of community. Like a very healthy large and powerful family. Never again being alone, coerced or lost etc.


8. Because God (aka spirituality, nature etc.) is offended by love, expressions directed primarily to God (or such prayers). The expression should be primarily directed to the Holy Spirits of your brothers and sisters in need. AKA altruism programs.


9. By "offending God", the focus here is not about being smitten like Pharoah in the bible. The focus is about the self destruction, especially the internal self loathing, rotting away at the soul.


10. Only through your brothers and sisters in need can you connect to your soul and God.


11. And yes, obviously all house of worship seatings should Face Each Other (not face an elitist wall) and run by the people of the people for the people.


12. With the clergy being caretakers. Or at most coaches, reporting to the people. Otherwise it's elitism (idolatry). Best not to participate in such a house of worship.


13. Slowly but surely it gets people pillaged, raped and killed globally.

14. Because Religious Organizations propagating exclusivity, sets the moral foundation of us against "them". Which is the primary driver of callousness when "them" gets pillaged, raped and killed.


15. Paragraph 7 above is a much better scenario. Where Religion innovates altruism and pushes power to be more inclusive to all.


16. Not push it's exclusive agenda to keep or gain power. Especially not getting involved in partisanship, pitting people against each other. Religion & Power is an oxymoron, evil and devil worship.


17. Religion needs to be a source of innovations that dissipate partisanship, conflicting agendas, poverty and wars.


18. And we are not against Organized Religion or clergy. We love clergy (stuck souls, lost souls and everyone in between). Clergy are at the front lines and know best who are the Christs (people with good intentions) and the anti-Christs (people who violate any of the 3 mortal sins with impunity) among us.


19. Clergy just need to overcome the conflict of interest of power, and socio-economic resources to the Religious Organization.


20. And channel all these resources to better help our brothers and sisters in need.


21. And supporting the Christs (no matter how little they comply with the rituals and rules of the Religious Organization) and exposing the anti-Christs (no matter how much they serve the interests of the Religious Oraganization. But also encouraging them to reform).


22. The same way how we are exposing and reforming Organized Religion of 2017 CE. So that you (the clergy and anyone joining this revolution) will be the think tanks of society. To reform: Law. (Law is based on the Golden Rule.)


23. Politics. (Politics is based on reconciling many socio-economic angles of the Golden Rule.) Obviously the key is to focus in nonpartisan (effective altruism) solutions! A tug of war serves nobody... 


24. And yes, high finance. (It is true Wall Street is based on rewarding the people who can best innovate. Including those that can best influence beneficial policies and laws to achieve the profits of the innovations... But...)


25. Survival of the fittest (in the highly competitive Wall Street environment) will force Wall Street to tune into our socio-economic innovations...


26. The more pure our motivations are to help our brothers and sisters in need, the more powerful our innovations will become.


Thanks for staying tuned!!


1.^ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillel_the_Elder

2.^ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Rule#Antiquity

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